mutant tribe

there's something the matter with the radio
there's somebody watching all the video
the television sits there staring back at me
the phone rings, "hello", but no one answers me
i'd like to tell you something that i heard today
but they won't let me say the things i want to say
the time has come to take a stand and make a change
i'm not sure what it is, but i feel very strange
dreaming everyday with such consistency
we need a plan to boost up our efficiency
the state address has changed locations over-nite
economy is dwindling, almost out of sight
there's voices screaming, "talk to me, won't you please"
the children in the gutter fight starvation; disease
if i told you everything, you'd say that i was a fool
you'll see the real world when you get out of school.

words and music by mully.
©copyright mullymusic/bmi.
reprinted by permission.
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