(released 04-26-2011)

mully : all vocals


cinderella is a lonely child
working her fingers to the bone
scrubbing floors, she don't wanna be
but she's still alone
when it's time for her to sleep
she clutches the pillow and the tears arrive
lost in a place, where her heart is deep
she can still survive
maybe now she can find a place that she really wants to be
maybe then she'll see what she can be
oh, cinderella....
checks the papers for another way
a shot at the fortune and the fame
she could change her world with ease, but she stays the same
getting by anyway she can
saving her pennies for a rainy day
but the sun is shining in the sky
it won't go away
tryin' to make her be the things that she doesn't wanna be
is there anything to set her free
oh, cinderella....
tell her a change is near
'cause you'd love to see her smile
now and then she can feel the pain
of her heartbeat running wild
all she wants to be is a normal child
cinderella is a lonely child
working the corners day and night
maybe someday she will be at ease
but she feels alright

words and music by mully.
©copyright mullymusic/bmi.
reprinted by permission.
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