single of the month club
volume one alt mixes

this is a compilation of alt. mixes for the "single of the month club" releases from 2009. during production/mixing, i spent a lot of time listening to the various songs with some of the tracks muted. sometimes i'd listen to vocals and keyboards, or vocals and drums, or just the instruments. it really brought a new perspective to the songs listening to them that way. some more so than others.

since i had found it enjoyable, i thought maybe other people would as well. they're not really "re-mixes", as the original full-mix levels have not been changed. it's more a "re-representation" of the songs with much of the other instruments removed.

already gone (january 2009 * vocals & keyboards)
give me a reason (february 2009 * vocals & keyboards)
you never loved me (march 2009 * vocals & keyboards)
hold on (april 2009 * vocals & keyboards)
wake up world (may 2009 * vocals & keyboards)
always be there (june 2009 * vocals & keyboards)
home again (july 2009 * vocals & keyboards)
world goes round (august 2009 * vocals & keyboards)
so hard (september 2009 * vocals & guitar)
over & over (october 2009 * vocals & keyboards)
soliloquy (november 2009 * vocals)
hear them crying (december 2009 * vocals & keyboards)

track 9 had no keyboards so it is vocals and guitar
track 11 had only vocals and remains as it was released on "coulda shoulda woulda"

words & music : mully
copyright mullymusic / bmi

mully : all vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, sequencing

produced, recorded, engineered, mixed, & mastered by mully
at mullymobile studios