(alignment / 101462)

dream land
everything i need
oh, so wrong
words i say
find a way
what you do to me
the wait
should have known better
love song *

mully - vocals, guitars, keys
dan mcdonnell - bass
todd thayer - drums

all songs composed by mully © copyright 1991 mullymusic / bmi
all rights reserved. lyrics reprinted with permission.
unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable
laws, but there's not much that i can do to stop you.

produced by mully
engineered by joe cuneo
recorded at downtown recorders, boston, mass. 1991
interns : eric tew, ken lewis, kim rullo, kyle kelso,
mike heart, todd fry, vincent buckholz
additional recording * and other stuff recorded &
engineered at the complex, brockton, mass. by mully
all tracks mixed at downtown by mully, j.cuneo
digitally edited & mastered at northeastern digital
recording, southborogh, mass. by jonathan wyner, mully
manufactured at disc makers a.v.l., philadelphia, penn.
cover concept & insert design by gem
cover art layout by holly agnew
management : alignment productions, po box 1422, easton, mass. 02334-1422

mully says hi & thanks to :
the oilmen (a band that smokes)
al cruz (mr. philosophy)
the alignment team
allen washburn (for watching the fort)
annie baptiste (for being so sweet)
auditory imagery
bill palmer (no more firecrackers)
bob seer
the carlsons (for vacationland)
chris gallivan
the complex (& all the various personnel changes & endless array of guests)
dave boyle
all at downtown
ed & dawn dovner (for all you've done & continue to do)
the ever-changing staffs at deringers & the ultimate sport
friday's child
the foulshams
gail & greg smith
heath berkowitz (he-man)
the hellbillies (for playing great music)
h. lee potter jr. (prodguy)
holly sares (for caring)
jay flanzbaum (mr. christmas)
jim cronshaw
jim tex
john julio
john mcdonnell (some of us didn't forget)
justin keith
kat & the kids
lea verville
the loose ends
the midget
mike lutton (slutter)
mike viola & co.
mom & dad (for the freedom to do what i want to do)
the mopester
mr. do
norman berkowitz
mr. paintf*ck
poseidon (for the open door jams)
ray kerwin & co.
riley (stay sweet)
the road crews (yours and mine)
ron van dam
the scene (for playing soft)
sean daly (for pedro)
second stage
smitty (the can man)
stacky & packy
syzygy (for playing loud)
thin ice (adam too)
wargasm (for not breaking anything)
wayne giles (likewise)
& everyone along the way who, for reasons unknown, were omitted.....
(insert your name here) - ______________________________
special thanks to : gerard gorham, for always being honest
& making it look so easy. love ya babes.
brendan haley, (co-conspirator in the quest) for listening.
max, for being such a c*nt, & for not abandoning the sinking ship.
these songs are dedicated, with love, to the memory
of melissa sullivan, i miss you kid.

dan would like to thank :
his insecurity for making him the wreck that he is
mom & dad for making a mistake into such a wonderful correction
(if i do say so myself)
mully, todd, & everyone else for putting up with my "rambling"
and anybody i've laid eyes on and shared a smile with.
on a serious note...i would like to dedicate my playing herein
to the memory of my comrade stephen carlson, a true friend of
music. and so it goes.....

todd would like to thank :
the oilmen
timo divine (#1stickman and good roadie)
allen washburn (co-pilot and pretty good roadie)
sincere thanks to mom & dad for putting up
with my noise for all these years
& joe c.

[all text originally appeared on the insert for "small world" (alignment/101462). reprinted here for your convenience.]