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new mullymusic song coming soon !
it will be part of a new movie that's in pre-production !
more info as it becomes available !

new single "hero" released 10/14/2012 more info here

new single "it's going to change" released 03/20/2012 more info here

what else is new with mullymusic ?

glad you asked. i had been working on new music as part of a "single of the month club". it was begun in january of 2009 and ran through december 2011, resulting in one new song being released on the last tuesday of each month. 36 singles total. i also created alt mixes for each of the singles and will be releasing them one per month from january 2012 through december 2014. you can find them all here as they are released....

"single of the month club" page at

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* "small world" is available at the itunes store * "mr rogers revenge" is available at the itunes store

the small world and mr rogers revenge cds are also available at
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if you're looking for some info on "small world" that you can't locate on this site, email me, with any comments or inquiries you have. they could become part of this site, so sound-off. let your voice be heard.

if you want to order the "small world * too" compact disc,.....(17's still only $10.00 & that includes shipping to anywhere in the continental u.s.a,)..... send an email saying that you want your "small world * too".

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the gallery is fully functional and packed with pics. plus i added thumbnails to make it load faster. check out some of the stills from a few of my animations. there are gifs for now; jpegs will be here soon. maybe.....maybe not. the lyric pages now have pics and links. sing along with your favorites ! also, i've added some background textures to distract you from the subliminal messages to buy the "small world * too" and mullymusic cds. added some stuff to the bio page.....but, then i removed most of it after a long while of nothing new happening. but then i revamped the page with a couple of picutres (i know what you're thinking.... wtf, mully, i thought you didn't like your picture taken ?" i still don't, but i discovered this odd little device on craigslist that allows me to recapture that little piece of my soul that cameras gather, so i feel whole again.) the links and search engines page is here as well, in case you'd rather be elsewhere. but don't be in such a hurry to leave. you might like it here. it's user-friendly.

hear it now ! ! !
audio clips from the "small world * too" cd.
this time for real. . .
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hear what others are saying
about the "small world * too" cd.....

" dog loves to dance to small world. no, really..." anonymous

"...for a while, i was starting to worry that i was losing interest in computers. then, i picked-up a copy of the "small world * too" cd. it changed my whole life. these tunes really rock. now i look forward to building my empire..." b. gates

"...dude, small world rules. they rock way better than all those crappy bands, man. i'm gonna tell all my friends about 'em, and stuff. and if my neighbor tells me one more time to turn down my stereo ... dude, i don't even want to think about it. i just wanna rock the f*ck on, man..." anonymous

"...just when i thought i couldn't take it anymore, my buddy let me borrow his copy of the "small world * too" cd. i had so much fun, i mean real fun, that i decided not to bring my gun to work..." u.s. postal worker

" has been slow since people started listening to the "small world * too" cd. i might have to find a different line of work..." dr. jack k.

"...woo-hoo, 17 tasty tunes..." homer s.

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