mullymusic (1996 - present) :

mully - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drum programming, sequencing

management :

discography :

coulda shoulda woulda (alignment/sotmc-v1csw)
volume one * alt mixes (alignment/sotmc-v1am)
state of the art lo-fi (alignment/sotmc-v2sotal)
volume two * alt mixes (alignment/sotmc-v2am)
new to you (alignment/sotmc-v3nty)
volume three * alt mixes (alignment/sotmc-v3am)

mully was recording songs as mullymusic for a new project called the "single of the month club" which was begun in january of 2009 and ran through december 2011.
individual songs were being released on the last tuesday of every month. (alt mixes were only available for purchase but are being released on the same monthly schedule from january 2012 through december 2014.)
all songs are made available as free downloads on the audio page upon release.
the first 12 songs from 2009 were compiled and released as a full-length cd titled "coulda shoulda woulda" as well as a companion disk of alternate mixes titled "volume one * alt mixes". the second batch of 12 songs from 2010 were also combined and released as a full-length cd titled "state of the art lo-fi" as well as another companion cd "volume two * alt mixes". the third batch of 12 songs from 2011 were combined and released as a full-length cd titled "new to you" and also featured a companion cd "volume three * alt mixes".
all disks are available at, the itunes store,, and many other digital locations.

(special appearance by dano on bass guitar for the following tracks :
"coulda shoulda woulda" - tracks 1-5, 7-10
"state of the art lo-fi" - tracks 1, 3, 4

small world (1989 - 1996) :

mully - vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, sequencing
dan mcdonnell - bass

1989-1995 : todd thayer - drums

management :

alignment productions
po box 1422
easton, mass 02334-1422

discography :

small world (alignment/101462)
too (alignment/264101)

this was sent to me by a friend on i was going to reply to it there but thought it would be better featured here...

[ rules: once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose 25 people to be tagged. you have to tag the person who tagged you. if i tagged you it's because i want to know more about you. to do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish. ]

* * *

1. i used to be into magic. no, really.

2. before computers, i used to read a lot of books. there was a time when i would average between 200 to 250 pages a day.

3. i used to watch the atlanta braves play baseball on tbs. back before they got really good.

4. i quit smoking in 1998.

5. i stopped drinking sprite shortly after that, because it made me want to smoke again.

6. when i was little, my aunt turned me on to motown 45 singles. she had lots. they sounded great on the old console stereo. ah, good times.

7. i once did live sound mixing for doc watson, outside, under a giant tent. what a nice way to spend an afternoon.

8. i used to manage band rehearsal studios over a nightclub in brockton, mass.

9. while i was there, i was adopted by a stray cat (whom i named "kat") when she wandered into the building, jumped into my lap, and went to sleep. she was the best mouse catcher i've ever seen. she was also pretty good at making kittens.

10. after the first litter, i said that i'd get her fixed if i couldn't find a home for any of the kittens. i believe the final count was 5 litters and a total of 23 kittens. i found homes for all of them. i also witnessed all of the births. though, i'd heard that cats are usually very protective of their litters.

11. my first concert was "kiss" 1978, providence civic center. that was when they were at the height of their stage productions. the flames from the flash pots were so huge they scorched the ceiling, and even though i was way up in the balcony, i could feel the heat every time they went off.

12. three of my all-time favorite tv series : "six feet under", "the sopranos", "south park".

13. i love roller coasters.

14. i don't read music nor have i had any formal training. basically, i'm self-taught and play by ear. though i did invent my own notation for writing purposes.

15. i went to canada twice, without a passport. both times to see concerts at the montreal forum. (bands seen, but not sure who played with whom : "journey", "loverboy", "billy squire", "toronto", "bryan adams".)

16. i saw "carrot top" perform at the mgm in las vegas. seated at a table right in front of the stage. he was much funnier than when he does tv appearances.

17. i used to like my hair long. at one point it reached my waistline.

18. i slept on a water bed for many years. have since replaced it with an air mattress.

19. i learned how to drive several forklifts for a past job and even got my certification.

20. i once had breakfast at ihop with "cliff" their spokesman.

21. i once played a show at "the channel" night club in boston and couldn't hear myself singing or playing keyboards. the roadies forgot to pack my keyboard speakers and the house soundman refused to patch them into the stage monitors. he neglected to put my vocals in the monitors as well. the set was approximately 45 minutes long; 2 of my keyboards didn't have presets so i had to move the knobs by hand to get the different sounds for each song; i sang backing vocals on just about every song, except for 2 that i sang lead vocal on. people that knew how the band sounded told me afterwards they had no idea because it all sounded right. but i already knew that when the set was over.

22. sometimes, i see ghosts. they don't talk to me. they just let me know they're around. most times i tell them they should go into the light. not because they scare me. they usually don't. it's just what i've heard you should do.

23. when i first started doing 3-d computer rendering in the mid-90's, things went very slowly. sometimes i would have to let my computer run for several days to render a short animation. sometimes it would take several days just to do one complex still frame. those same tasks now would take most new computers a couple of minutes at most by comparison.

24. i've seen the inside of and worked on more computers in the past 12 months than most people own in a lifetime.

25. my favorite candy : gummy bears. especially the sour ones.

all information provided by mully.